Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Better Red than Dead?

It isn't an easy task keeping up with PsychoToddler (tm).

Seems like everywhere I go, he just has to name-drop, "What would Hot-Chanie (tm) say?" And my latest best friend (also tm, credit to my blog hero, the Renegade Rebbitzen, may she return to blogging soon, bimheira biyameinu. But the point of this was to show that I'm giving CREDIT where credit is due, unlike my non-best-friend, and totally awful actor of the entire Blogosphere DovWeaselie, or DovieWeasel, or whatever his name is. But that's not the point of this.) RaggedyMom, I really feel for her, since this posting is basically because of her.

See, underneath my obviously hot sheitel, is more blonde hair. Yet, RaggedyMom strikes me as a redhead. The following article from Yedioth Achronoth sent to me by an Israeli reader who wishes to remain anonymous (though let's just say he has a rather unique name) really got my goat.

Kosher haredi dress: Nix everything tight or red

Posters hung throughout Bnei Brak urge women to only buy loose-fitting clothes, avoid red colored garbs. Increasingly popular secular fashions worrying rabbis who respond with battle to cover bulges .

The posters call for women to only purchase clothes from the 30 approved stores as these establishments comply with the strict laws and regulations of haredi religion. (Apparently,
this was also mentioned on chic-blogger Orthomom's site as well)

So what's a dear like RaggedyMom supposed to do? Dye her hair (and sheitel) techeiles-blue? Perhaps royal mishkan-purple? Get a different sheitel that's not red? How dreadful!

RaggedyMom, all I can offer you is my bracha that you and your husband enjoy your red hair. If anyone starts up with you, just let me know.

Hot Chanie can handle almost anyone or anything, let alone a redophobic bully.


RaggedyMom said...

Hey there, Chanie. It's good to know that someone so hot has got my back.

Yes, indeed, I am a redhead, although not a screaming red, more of a strawberry blonde. My sheitel is not very red, but a little more muted, not for tznius as much as to match my eyebrows! :)

Most of the time, around the neighborhood, I wear bandanas, tichels, or hats. I realize you probably disapprove of anything that borders on "shlumpy." When I was a public school teacher, the sheitel was de rigeur, but these days it doesn't make such frequent appearances.

Considering my coloring, I'm not a big fan of wearing bright red anyway. I'm sure that the rabbis who issued the ban would take issue with many things about my life sooner than they'd worry about my dress or hair, but suffice it to say that when I read these kinds of edicts, I'm relieved that those aren't the parameters by which I live my life.

RaggedyDad is indeed a big fan of the red hair, and being Russian, all things "red" are near and dear to his heart. I guess he could always call in some Russian mafia buddies if things ever got too ugly!

Thanks again for your support, Hot Chanie! I think that rather than lambasting you for your sometimes over-the-top dressing style, we frum women ought to be glad to have a vocal, fearless advocate for us. It's tough out there, but it works so much better when we back one another up. In our own way, we are all Hot Chanie.

p.s. I think PT just likes to kid around with the whole Hot Chanie thing because he can get away with it - you and his wife share a name!

PsychoToddler said...

"you and his wife share a name!"

That's not all they share, RM:

"Hot Chanie can handle almost anyone or anything, let alone a redophobic bully."

Hot Chanie also apparently likes to refer to herself in the third person.

Coincidence? I think not.

Ezzie said...

What about guys who have red hair?! (Okay, so mine isn't red anymore. But it was!)

ilan said...

DovBear, I recommend you stop posing as a woman and posting on this blog. It's truly unbecoming.

Jack's Shack said...

I am the real DovBear.

Hot Chanie said...

Coincidence? I think not.

PT (tm): Crap. What gave it away?

RM: I'm not sure PT can get away with it. Perhaps I shall have to haunt him even more.

Hot Chanie said...
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Anonymous said...

Hot Chanie,

you're so poor you cannot afford to buy a Lexus?