Friday, November 16, 2007

Hot Chanie to the Rescue

As Rabbi (dress to express your inner spirituality) Safran and
The Godol (I hate sheitles, but don't tell my wife) Hador prepare for battle I feel like I MUST interceed! The answer to your problem is SO simple that only Hot Chanie can save the day.
Boys, boys, boys...
You are both so confused it's not even funny! Expecting a woman (especially one with lovely locks like mine) to cover her hair is asking a lot! Just ask Shifra and she'll give you a whole list of complaints about it - you won't hear ME complain because as any Hot Chanie will tell you a good sheitle is every woman's best friend!
The sheitle is the ultimate accessory, allowing a married woman to be both super-modest (by covering her hair) and super-hot (by covering it with something so much sexier than her own mouse-brown frizz.)

If *I* launched a line of sheitel you'd better believe they'd SMOKE anything Mrs. S is offering. Here are just some of my great ideas:

Hot Chanie Sheitles: As frum and hot as you wanna be!

The Buffy

Morah Heter

The Hot Rebbitzen
And of course:

The Mikvah Night (Custom only)