Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Plethora of Hot Chanies

Hey Readers-

I've wasted WAAAAAY to much time over the past few days, reading different blogs. So much time, that I missed my gym workout yesterday (not a good thing). The problem is that if you miss a workout, one thing inevidently leads to another, and I'll chas vishalom be a size 6...again. The last time that happened was when I spent a year in sem, as I'm sure you're all familiar with THAT problem.

Reading all these slightly odd blogs at the wee hours of the morning totally destroyed my morning schedule, and since our housekeeper is on vacation today, it wasn't fun getting my oldest out the door for yeshiva this morning.

Therefore, I've decided for the time being, to call it quits on this blog. My own personal well-being is more important than wasting my time on this project, even if you may enjoy it.

The good news is, there are plenty of other Hot Chanies out there. You see us taking kids around town in our hot SUVs (no self-respecting Hot Chanie would drive anything less than an SUV or a Lexus).

We're everywhere!

The only downside of being a Hot Chanie is that all too-often our DH's don't live up to our expectations, and only shower twice a week, at best. yuck. They want us hot but can't even do the basics.

So for now, I'm off to the gym and then back to sleep.


Hot Chanie


Still Wonderin' said...

I hope when your nail polish dries and you finish puking up your morning bagel, you'll write more about the outstanding education you received at Prospect Park.

We can hardly wait!

PsychoToddler said...

NO! Don't leave us, Hot Chanie (TM)!


Anonymous said...

Who's going to stick up for us, if not you? We need you to defend us against the barbs from these jealous frumps, and their unhappy husbands.

Still Wonderin' said...

"Anonymous said...
Who's going to stick up for us, if not you? We need you to defend us against the barbs from these jealous frumps, and their unhappy husbands."

No need to worry. One dimensional people are typically shallow enough to successfully dodge any barb aimed their way.

Hot Chanie said...

Hmmm - I'll have to think about this. With enough fan mail, perhaps I could reconsider ;-)

AnnieGetYour said...

HC- When I first got to college one of the girls on my hall asked: "who are all those girls wearing frumpy jean skirts?"

There is clearly still a lot of work to be done.

Still Wonderin' said...

Word to the wise: "Plethora" is the one word that reliably identifies girls who did well in high school English and therefore deign themseves to be intellectually sound and good writers to boot ... but aren't on either count

In reality, seeing the word in print is like nails on a chalkboard

Anonymous said...

Word to the wise: "Plethora" is the one word that reliably identifies girls who did well in high school English and therefore deign themseves to be intellectually sound and good writers to boot ... but aren't on either count

Word to the wise: the word you were looking for is "deem" not "deign," dumbass. condescending a-holes who deem themselves smarter than woman "to boot" is the first sign of small penis. where'd you learn to write - torah temimah?

deign \DAYN\, intransitive verb:
1. To think worthy; to condescend -- followed by an infinitive.
2. To condescend to give or bestow; to stoop to furnish; to grant.

Anonymous said...

Still Wonderin':
Why are you so snarky? What's your wife like?

Hot Chanie said...

Still Wonderin':

sigh. What *is* it with guys like you? You don't like my vocabulary, diction, writing style OR the way I dress.

Give it a rest, the world's big enough for both of us.

Still Wonderin' said...

"Word to the wise: the word you were looking for is "deem" not "deign," dumbass.

No question, you're right about this. Even the 'dumass' comment, for a writer who uses poor usage in a rant about poor usage.

"condescending a-holes who deem themselves smarter than woman "to boot" is the first sign of small penis.

I think you need to do better than your anecdotal observation on this. I'd like to see some statistical research before accepting such a broad claim.

"where'd you learn to write - torah temimah?"

Give me a break....no one learns how to write at Torah Temimah!

Still Wonderin' said...

"Still Wonderin':

sigh. What *is* it with guys like you? You don't like my vocabulary, diction, writing style OR the way I dress."

although she doesn't need me to defend her, I felt you were a bit too nasty to AskShifra, who made a very valid and funny comment about Jewish society and religious women in particular. And Prospect Park graduates irritate me.

"Give it a rest, the world's big enough for both of us."

Fine. just be careful you don't step on my toes with those stilleto boot heels.

Heaven Nose said...

Don't feel bad, you're doing all of us a favour!

Frum Mench said...

Wish all frum wives were as HOT as you, and if not all of them, atleast mine.

Anonymous said...

Why, do Prospect graduates irritate you? I kinda take offense to that.
Maybe you're just a little intimidated???

Still Wonderin' said...

"Anonymous said...
Why, do Prospect graduates irritate you? I kinda take offense to that.
Maybe you're just a little intimidated???"

Certainly not intimidated. More like appalled. But it's not their fault really. Rather, PP has the most distorted, perverted, deranged, and stultifyingly shallow East 20s hashgafa known to frumkind; the teachers and principals dutifully drill incessantly into their students' heads from the day they enter first grade.

This hashgafa is entirely focused on how you look, what others think, and that being creative or different in any way is sorta nice provided that you never, ever forget for a moment that your opinions and interests don;t really count beyond planning the color scheme for your next parlor meeting.

This experience and schools that emulate these ideals are the cause of Hot Chanieism.

Anonymous said...

So how many Prospect girls dumped you or refused to date your dumass, still wonderin'? I proudly confess that not only am I one hot ppyhs grad, but I guarantee my IQ and annual income (that I earn in-between crunches at the gym) most certainly kick yours. Enjoy your frumpy floppy-hatted wife. She sounds like a breath of fresh air compared to the sleek, well-dressed, capable PP grads you resent so much. Hope her vocabulary is better than yours. No bigger turn-on than a woman who refrains from using the word plethora. As for statistical evidence, just look in the mirror.
-Anon 1:39

Still Wonderin' said...

"Anonymous said...
So how many Prospect girls dumped you or refused to date your dumass, still wonderin'? I proudly confess that not only am I one hot ppyhs grad, but I guarantee my IQ and annual income (that I earn in-between crunches at the gym) most certainly kick yours. Enjoy your frumpy floppy-hatted wife. She sounds like a breath of fresh air compared to the sleek, well-dressed, capable PP grads you resent so much. Hope her vocabulary is better than yours. No bigger turn-on than a woman who refrains from using the word plethora. As for statistical evidence, just look in the mirror.
-Anon 1:39"

It's nice that you have the ability to project such confidence to go with your eating disorder.

Nevetheless, despite your absurd and wholly stereotypical attack, you have yet to argue or at least attempt to refute any of my points.

But Itand with what i said earlier: the problems oozing out of that school resulting from the damaging, superficial hashgafas they espouse leave its grads with many more problems than anyone's nasty observations left on a blog.

Still Wonderin' said...

By the way, since you're wonderin', I've never dated/been rejected by a pp grad. Sorry to frustrate your theory.

Anonymous said...

Prospect girls are the best. They can dress, integrate in society, shave their legs and armpits, and they put out on the second date too!

MoreFrum said...

No- low self esteem is the cause for 'Hot Chanism'.

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